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Who We Are

Sun Mountain Spring is a grove living, learning, and creating independently, in families and in community. We are inspired by the traditions of our ancestors, the old ones, and the places we live and love. We draw wisdom and inspiration from Irish and other Celtic and European mythologies, folklore and practices, primarily from within the Celtic diaspora. Practices of the grove draw from modern and historic spiritual Druidry and the Western mystery traditions. The mythological system used for seasonal festivals and other cycles stem from the Irish myths and writings, cultural artifacts and ongoing traditions, branching into the Welsh and other Celtic tribes, and into related European stories and myth. Our members are diverse and our Council views the spiritual path as unique to the individual. These mythological systems are not meant to be dogmatically taught as holding ultimate truth.

Sun Mountain Spring’s community has the benefit of greater access to historic source material, archaeological evidence, and scholarly and philosophical works on pre-Romanized European cultures and the diaspora of these spiritual and scholarly explorations than were had in previous centuries. As such, we have a diversity of perspectives and also scientific information that were unknown at earlier points in revival Druidry, Neopaganism and Celtic studies. Because of this and the breadth of the Celtic and European Pagan diasporas, personal practices and philosophies of pre-Romanized European cultures and of our members are as diverse as the interests, ancestry, explorations and lives we have lived, all within a context of spirituality based in conceptualizations and study of pre-Romanized European philosophy and practices as they can be applied to modern lives for diverse landscapes, communities and individuals.

Read more about Grove history and the history of Druidry and neopaganism here: Grove History

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Core Beliefs

  • We revere nature.
  • We see all things as connected and inter-related.
  • We believe poetic inspiration (the imbas and awen of Celtic spirituality) feeds the spirit and we revere it as such.
  • We believe in striving for an understanding of Land, Sea and Sky.
  • We believe in supporting sacred relationships with the Divine, the Land, our ancestral past, and the spiritual guides particular to each individual and community.
  • We recognize the holiness of cycles. We mark the new and full moons, the seasons, and the sacred cycle markers of individual lives, community and culture.

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What We Do

  • We learn, experience, and mark points in the cycles of our lives, communities, and the natural cycles around us in community or at our personal altars.
  • We integrate families and have an inter-generational group of various lifestyles and stages.
  • We support each other in pursuing more actualized living, academic exploration, and those things that make our spirits sing.
  • We hold moon gatherings, children’s circles, and festival gatherings.
  • We also gather for social events, outings, and pilgrimages.

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Diversity and Appropriation

Valuing the truths inherent in all spiritual paths, Sun Mountain Spring does not dictate that all members or teachings come from pre-Romanized European cultures, though this is the basis for our seasonal celebrations and myths explored in relation to cycles. We acknowledge and respect the diversity of our members, of the cultural transformations that occur through colonization and migration, and the individual experiences and inspirations of each individual.

We respect the cultural teachings of individual cultures and acknowledge the potential for exploitation of sacred ceremonies and life ways through cultural appropriation. We strive to understand where our ways have come from, and we respectfully refrain from performing any ceremonies not belonging to the officiant through heritage or through teachings from a known lineage to the people who rightfully claim those ceremonies and offered those teachings willingly. We welcome questions of our heritage and teachings and view ourselves as perpetual students on the paths of spirituality. We sometimes make mistakes and we strive for the fortitude to withstand criticism and to learn from it.
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