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Sun Mountain Spring is a community celebrating seasonal festivals inspired by Irish, Celtic, and European cultures and our ancestral traditions, as well as hosting spiritual exploration and fellowship gatherings. Read more at our page About Us. Sun Mountain Spring, as a legal entity, is identified as a church and thus is a 501(c)3 entity for tax purposes. As a spiritual entity, Sun Mountain Spring is a grove in the traditions of Neopaganism, with most influence coming from Irish and other Celtic studies. Read more about our Core Beliefs here. The details of our structure can be seen in our Constitution.

Governing Bodies

Our founders wanted a structure not designed to funnel power to any one or two people. Inspired by the concepts of balance in a three-part system and using inspiration from concepts of Land, Sea and Sky, Tina Slomski designed the original Council structure. In this structure, up to nine members may hold positions on the Council and of those nine, three must hold roles pertaining to work in the realms of Land, Sea and Sky. These members may choose their specific title for the time they are holding it (the official title is “Chair,” but this term only serves to encourage the individual to choose a more personally fitting term).


The Priestess of Land represents the roles associated with the physical and practical attributes of the Grove and community. This member has an obligation regarding the areas of practical skills, experiential education, festivals, and environmentalism. Keria, our Priestess of Land, has been a Pagan for 14 years. Through her interest in history and spirituality, she has studied and practiced an eclectic Pagan path. She feels deeply connected to her ancestral past, which has guided her spiritually towards Druidry. She is a lover of tradition, and a seeker of knowledge. Keria brings with her 18 years of experience in children’s ministries, festival planning and facilitation, curriculum development, and financial oversight for these events.


The Priestess of Sea, is a position held by Tina. This member represents the roles associated with the spiritual and Otherworldly attributes of the Grove and community. She has an obligation regarding the areas of inner work, art, and inner healing. Tina has been a Pagan for 19 years (as of 2017). Her approach to Paganism is more within the realm of Druidry, but she draws from her Apache, Kashube and Irish heritage in her spiritual work. She considers herself an enchantress more than other terms and is more attentive to spiritual well being than dogma. Professionally, Tina is in the middle of earning a master’s degree to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. She can often be found singing at the end of the deer path, dancing at the threshold, and journeying into the Otherworlds.


The Druí na Spéir represents the roles associated with the academic and historic attributes of the Grove and community. This member has an obligation regarding the areas of history, politics, and academia. Historical documents, tales, myths and customs the Grove utilizes for research, practices and academic teachings shall be kept by the Druí na Spéir. Our Druid of Sky, Ben, has been a practitioner of Druidry and Celtic Reconstructionism for 19 years. As a practicing Druid, he took it upon himself to attend to his personnel growth by expanding on his education, include obtaining a bachelor’s degree in art. In his spiritual studies, he practices a form of faery faith that focuses on the ancestral as well as the divine.