Sun Mountain Spring LogoSun Mountain Spring is continually co-creating a thriving intergenerational spiritual community spanning the seen and unseen worlds. See more on our Core Beliefs and Purposes here. We invite you to join us in our celebrations (click here for more about our festivals), our scheduled gatherings, our exploration and learning, and our pursuit of collective and individual creative endeavors.

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Requirements for establishing and maintaining membership as stated in Grove policies are as follows:

  • Membership in Sun Mountain Spring is granted to adults over the age of 18 via application submitted to and accepted by the Council.
  • Dependent children in a member household may be included in any individual parent or guardian membership if child membership is requested, in writing or electronically, at any time.
  • Each adult member of a household must apply for Grove membership independently.
  • Members retain Grove membership by attending at least one function or activity per year and/or otherwise participating in a Hearth or Circle, stating their desire to be members, and fulfilling community obligations.
  • Member obligations include supporting the Grove’s community and business through donations of time, goods, services, and/or finances, by volunteering, and by participation when and how one is able.

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